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James Sellar
Do you have any pre-game superstitions?
I have a couple of silly ones. I don’t like having my bag zipped up when I walk from the car to the change-rooms. My dad never used to zip up his bag on the way to volleyball, so I picked that up from him. Also, when we’re running out onto the ground I’ll always pick up a bit of grass, rub it in my hands and throw it to one side.

What’s your favourite TV show?
Two and a Half Men.

What was the last book you read?
An Ogmandino book called The Seven Scrolls. It’s a self-development type book about omens, getting the best out of yourself and positive thinking. It was pretty interesting.

Do you have any bad habits?
I probably don’t wash my clothes as often as I should and my car is a bit messy. I better not tell you too many because everyone will think I’m a grub.

What kind of student were you at school?
I was actually pretty good, surprisingly.

Who spends the most time getting ready at the club?
I spend a bit of time with Chris Knights and he’s usually pretty slow. But if you’re ever going out to dinner – or anywhere really – with Brad Moran, give yourself a good hour-and-a-half because there are hair straighteners, gel, wax, hairspray and maybe even some fake tan involved. It can really be an amazing thing to watch.

What’s your favourite pastime away from footy?
I’ve recently started learning to play the guitar. Nick Gill is teaching me. I’ve borrowed his guitar and he’s given me a few tips along the way. I’m still very average, but it’s a bit of fun. There are a few musos or wannabe musos here. Tony Armstrong thinks he goes alright on the drums and he’s a bit of a beat-boxer too he reckons.

What’s your favourite item of clothing?
My G8 t-shirt from high school. There were a group of us at high school and we called ourselves ‘The G8’. We made up some t-shirts, some hats and I even found a pair of G8 jocks the other day, too. We all had our own little items of clothing, so they’re definitely my favourites.

What’s your earliest football memory?
In one of my very first games in year three I remember rocking up with Dad and we must have been late. I can’t remember all of it, but I remember the team already being out on the ground and I just dropped my bag and ran straight out there. The game started a few minutes later, so it wasn’t a great start to my career.

What’s your middle name?

Which team did you support before being drafted by the Crows?
I actually followed the Crows so I was very lucky to be drafted here.

Who is your best mate at the club?
It’s a tough one because there are a lot of good guys here. I like spending time with Chris Knights, Bernie Vince and Nathan Bock. There are a few I get along really well with and it’s a good spot to be.

What was your first job?
I had a paper round. My brother and I would ride our bikes around or throw them out the back of Dad’s ute. We didn’t do a very good job. I used to go to school while my nanna folded them for us and it would only take us 15 minutes to do the round with my brother and I throwing them out each side of the ute. We got a lot of help but it was still a job.


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