Five Changes To Adelaide List .

Adelaide has delisted five players from the 2009 primary list.

They are Robert Shirley, Nick Gill, Greg Gallman, Aaron Kite and Tom Lee.

General Manager Football Operations John Reid said: “These decisions are never easy, and all of the lads have given it their best shot. However, for the continued development of our list these decisions have been made.

“I thank all of the lads for their contribution to the Club and in particular Robert Shirley, who has played more than 150 games and given tremendous service to the Club and his team mates. Robert is one of those players who has maximised his abilities to get the best out of himself and that has earned him the respect of everybody at the Club and within the industry. We wish them well in their future endeavours.”

Shirley, who made his AFL debut with the Crows in 2000, played 11 games this year for a total of 151 games for the Club. Gill played one AFL game this year for a total of 17. Gallman, Kite and Lee did not play an AFL game.

As previously announced, 2009 rookie Brodie Martin has been upgraded to the primary list for the 2010 season. This will allow Adelaide four picks at the AFL national draft on November 26.

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